Car Breakdown Cover Insurance



It is compulsory for all drivers to have car insurance. That means that by law, all cars must as a minimum have third party insurance. This will protect other road users in the event that you cause an accident or injure them. After this minimum level of insurance, many drivers opt for fully comprehensive car insurance that will cover their own vehicle for any accidents or damage that may occur to it.


An even further step that you can take is to buy breakdown insurance. This means that no matter what happens, and no matter where you are, if your car breaks down, someone will come out and pick you up. They usually offer you complete road side service, which means they will send out an engineer to help you fix the problem, and if he cannot fix it there and then, you will be towed back to a garage. Or you can buy “take me home” cover from some providers.


This kind of insurance can really be a great convenience sometimes. It usually costs a great deal to have an engineer come and pick you up if you break down in the middle of the countryside. With breakdown insurance you can drive in the knowledge that no matter what happens, your car will be picked up and you will be given a lift back to civilisation. Consider breakdown insurance if:

  • you spend a lot of time travelling in remote areas
  • or if you often need to make sure that you can get where you need to be on time
  • or even if you are just afraid that you won’t be home for your children

Breakdown insurance can prevent you being stranded for hours if your car were to break down.

Breakdown insurance can be a very good provider of comfort and peace of mind for women drivers. Particularly at night time, the vast majority of women report that they would fear for their safety if they were left stranded at the side of the road. They also report that this fear would be a factor in stopping them from asking for help from other drivers. In fact, there are many remote roads, but even on busy roads there are legitimate reasons to fear for your safety if you are stranded by the side of the road, alone, at night – male or female.


One thing you will want to find out before signing up for any breakdown insurance cover is what geographical cover they provide. While many providers of this type of insurance provide nationwide coverage, there are also some smaller providers in some regions that will only pick you up in your home county or region. You should also then check with the nationwide providers that they do not have exclusion areas. Most will have some areas where they cannot guarantee to pick you up. For example, if you are on a remote Scottish Island, or other extreme areas, even if the island was accessible by bridge, it may be outside the protection area of the policy, so if you plan on doing much driving in such an area then you should make sure you will be covered.




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