Caravan Insurance



Everything we own needs insurance in today’s world and caravans are no different. On average 5000 touring-caravans are stolen annually, either from outside the family residence or from caravan parks. In addition, thousands more static caravans are broken into and the contents taken. The top five insurance claims with respect to caravans are:

  • Theft of the actually caravan.
  • Accidental damaged caused to a caravan be it by the owner or by a third party.
  • Storm and water damage.
  • The theft of personal belongings and other contents from both touring and static caravans.
  • Recovery of a touring caravan following a traffic accident.


Static Caravan Insurance


Some insurance companies only offer insurance for static caravans and even then they will only insure specific caravan sites selected by them. Their policies however generally provide comprehensive cover that includes loss of or damage to the caravan and any equipment or personal contents that are specified within the policy. Extra options are available for a slightly higher premium but whether these are taken depend on individual circumstances. For example a ‘new for old’ policy will replace a damaged caravan that is beyond repair with a new one. In addition the insurance company pays for the cost of removing the old caravan and installing the new one.

Most policies continue to cover the caravan while it is being hired out to paying customers but do check that this is so as occasionally a basic policy will not cover a caravan being used as a business venture.

Outside fixtures such as decking, lighting and small garden sheds can usually be added to a policy for a small extra fee. This will then cover the fixtures against theft, accidental damage and weather damage and will provide replacements if the fixtures are beyond repair or cannot be retrieved.

The exact contents of a policy will obviously change depending on the insurer and so a variety of insurance agencies should be contacted for a quote before one is chosen.


Touring Caravan Insurance


Insurance for touring caravans is a must. While the caravan is parked on the family property it may be covered by the house insurance policy however as soon as it moves into a public area it really should have its own insurance policy. Hundreds of insurers now offer cover for touring caravans although as with static caravans, the details of what is covered will differ between companies.

All policies will cover loss from accident, including in a road traffic accident, fire and theft. In addition many insurers now include damage or loss due to flooding and storms. Contents and personal possessions are also covered as standard although if the caravan is being used by friends or family of the policy holder as apposed to the policy holder himself, then excessive personal possessions may not be covered. Check this thoroughly in cases where the caravan is used by numerous people.

It is imperative that third person indemnity insurance is taken out for touring caravans as claims made against the owner by other parties, for example in the case of a road accident, can be very costly.

If the caravan is taken abroad the owner will need an extra policy or another section to the existing policy that covers them in foreign countries. Most insurance companies include up to 60 days European cover free with the basic policy but this should be closely inspected to check that it covers everything that needs to be covered and not just the basics i.e. recovery, alternative accommodation costs etc.




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