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For your travel insurance needs, you are likely to find what you are looking for with Essential Travel. They were started just three years ago but have quickly become one of the largest online travel insurance providers in the UK. They have a broad range of products and services that are flexible enough to meet the needs of most any traveler. Plus, they now offer the convenient service of booking airport parking online so that your travel experience will begin smoothly as well.


Travel cover with Essential Travel is available for clients up to 74 years of age and starts as low as £8.70 for a one week trip to the EU. However, prices will vary greatly depending on the level and type of cover that you select. In many cases, children can be covered free of charge, but certain conditions do apply. Their travel plans range in cover limits, but can include up to £5,000,000 for medical expenses, up to £2,000,000 to cover you for liability issues and as much as £1,750 for the loss or damage of certain personal items or baggage and its contents.


Single trip travel insurance is designed to cover you on one trip. This single trip can last up to 31 days. You can get up to £3000 of cancellation cover so that if you have to cancel your trip for certain reasons, your costs will be reimbursed. The premium depends on the destination, the number of people traveling, and the length of the trip. You can add on baggage cover to this kind of policy if you like. You can also add winter sports cover that will cover any equipment that you use, whether hired or owned, and will cover the cost of your holiday in case of piste closures or avalanches. Golf cover can also be added that will cover your equipment and will also cover any green fees that you paid if you are unable to play due to certain circumstances. There is also Superior single trip travel insurance cover, which increases the levels of cover that are included in the regular single trip travel product, in some case by as much as double.


If you plan on traveling more than once a year, then annual travel insurance may be a better choice for you. It will cover you for every holiday you might take within a year. The coverage limits are similar to those provided under single trip insurance. However, you can choose cover for trips that are as long as 21, 31 or 45 days long. In fact, this is one of the factors that will affect how much you pay for your premium. You can also adjust whether or not you add baggage cover, although it is possible that you may have some protection for the loss of personal possessions under your home cover policy. If you are planning to take a trip to ski or play golf in the next year, you can also add winter sports cover or golf cover to your annual policy. Plus, superior cover is also available on your annual policy that will increase many of your coverage limits.


If you are planning to fly when you go on holiday you may want to take advantage of Essential Travel’s pre-booking service for airport parking. Many airports will charge you more if you just turn up to park without a booking. But you can save as much as 30% on parking rates by booking online with Essential Travel.


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