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If you have recently bought your first motorbike than one of the things you will have to learn about is motorbike insurance. This will be the case whether or not you have owned your own car in the past or not. Motorbike insurance is very similar to car insurance and if you are familiar with car insurance and have had experience with the options and decisions to be made in the past, you will find buying motorbike insurance to be quite simple as it is very similar to car insurance.


Motorbike insurance comes in three types, it can be third party motorbike insurance only, third party fire and theft motorbike insurance, or fully comprehensive motorbike insurance.

Third party motorbike insurance offers you no direct protection, but is designed only to protect other people on the roads. This level of motorbike insurance is compulsory, that is to say, it is required by law. It means that if you are the cause of an accident, then any claims made against you by people injured in the accident or for property damaged in the accident will be paid for out of the insurance.

Fire and theft motorbike insurance is a step up from third party, as while it covers third party protection, it will also protect you if your motorbike is stolen or damaged in fire.

The final type of motorbike insurance is fully comprehensive motorbike insurance. This offers you the maximum protection and is also the most expensive form of motorbike insurance.

The main advantage of motorbike insurance over car insurance is that motorbike insurance is a good deal cheaper than car insurance. Both car insurance and motorbike insurance are calculated according to risk. The greater the risk of a claim being made, and the more expensive such a claim will be to the insurance company the more they will charge you for your insurance.

While motorbikes are recognised as being of very high risk to the rider they are less likely to result in very expensive claims on the part of the insurance company. Motorbikes are less expensive than cars. If they are destroyed in an accident they will cost less to replace. If the accident is less serious, then the damage to the motorcycle is far less difficulty to repair, with panel work and broken windscreens almost unheard of in the context of motorbike insurance, whereas with car insurance they cost millions every year for insurance companies to replace.


Also, you are less of a risk to other road users. If a car hits a pedestrian or other vehicle the damage will be severe to both vehicles and there is a high risk of injuring passengers or the driver of the other vehicle. With a motorbike, you are far less likely to cause the death of passengers in a car by colliding with the car. While there is a very high risk of injury to yourself, the basic fact of the matter as far as the insurance company is concerned is that you are not much of a risk as far as being sued is concerned.




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