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Specialised insurance covers are available for just about everything that you can lay a finger on these days. Here we run through why you should consider some of the covers on offer.


Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle cover is a common request for those who choose to cycle regularly. A cover will protect you from any obvious damage to the bike, including replacement costs if necessary. It's advisable to take out a further Roadcare extension which will insure you in the event of any third party compensation claims. For example, if you crash in to somebody else's property - let's hope not - the cover will protect you.


Musical Equipment Insurance

Musical equipment can also be insured, along with any casing that the instrument comes with. If this is relevant, be sure to include the cost of the casing in your original cover. It's also possible to apply for insurance which covers an entire band, or even studio. Instruments, through their nature, can easily break or suffer from third party misuse. If you're serious about your hobby, the insurance will provide a welcome backup.


Insurance for Orchestral Instruments

Orchestral instruments fall in to the same category, but certain brokers offer an additional option where you can take out a cover for an entire orchestra and its equipment. If you are using electrical equipment, you must apply for the standard musical equipment cover. Orchestral cover generally will not cater for equipment with a value of less than £30.


Insurance for DJs and DJ Equipment

The same applies for DJs who wish to have their equipment covered against any accidents or travelling wear and tear. Most standard insurance packages only cover the UK, so if you're a successful DJ with dates across the continent, you may wish to seek an extension so that you're covered elsewhere. Most DJs will have a vast collection of records to go with the equipment. It's possible to cover a collection, but you will need to supply a list of every artist and record in your possession.


Gadget Insurance

iPod, MP3 Player, Sat Nav & Radar Detector,
Portable Game Console & PSP, PDA and BlackBerry

If gadgets are your thing, you'd be surprised to find a huge list of items that can be covered by insurance brokers. From iPods and MP3 players to satellite navigation systems and radar detectors, from portable game consoles and PSP to your PDA and BlackBerry. Insurance will protect you from common theft when the item is safeguarded in a secure location, and also any accidents. The cover applies to the owner's use of the gadget, but you can also make a claim if the need arises when it's been in the possession of a family member.


Fishing Tackle Insurance

The niche cover of fishing tackle insurance is another opportunity for you to secure yourself against accidents or theft. Be aware that most brokers will only provide insurance for your fishing equipment when you're actually fishing, unless it's stolen. It's recommended that you apply for additional tackle box insurance, which will cover you against the loss of smaller items - hooks and floats, for example.


Camera Insurance

Camera insurance is a very serious matter if your profession involves photography, especially given the spiralling costs of owning the latest technology. Specialised insurance is readily available to protect you from faults and accidents. It can also be fairly expensive to obtain. Due to the vast difference in cameras and their application, most insurance brokers will offer a special premium package for those who earn at least 50% of their income through photography.


Laptop Insurance

Laptop insurance is another must-have if you’re a keen business traveller who carries a laptop to work between A and B. With nearly 100,000 laptops stolen every year in the UK alone, the business of computer theft is proving valuable for criminals. Insurance will protect you from being the next victim. Whether you’re leaving on holiday, or commuting in the city, there’s plenty of good reason to have your laptop covered.


PDA Insurance

It’s also possible to buy PDA insurance, primarily in the event of theft or damage on your travels. Just like laptops, the PDA has become a must have piece of technology in the twenty first century. In keeping with such, it can be rather pricey to purchase. It’s better to be safe than sorry and pay to have your PDA insured, than wake up on the train to find that it’s nowhere to be seen. Premiums usually start at around £40 per year.


Student Home Insurance

A traditionally popular cover is Student Home Insurance. Statistics show that 25% of students who study away from home will be a victim of crime at some point in their university lifetimes. This particular insurance policy focuses on covering possessions while a student is away. It insures against the theft of valuable items, and usually covers a select range of physical factors that we’d typically be insured for in our own homes.


Third Party Liability

Third party liability cover is important for many forms of business, and particularly vehicles on the road. If you’re involved in a motor accident, for example, and a claim is posted against you, the insurance will cover expenses - up to a certain limit. You’ll also find third party liability covers for pets that have the potential to cause disruption and/or injury.


Wedding Insurance

The final insurance policy that we’re going to look at involves weddings, and the ceremonies around them. It’s an unfortunate reality that not every wedding runs as smoothly as intended, and you may need wedding insurance for a number of reasons. It could be a cancelled reception, a dirty wedding dress or even a wedding cake that wasn’t delivered on time. There are many things to get right, and sometimes, unforeseen circumstances take over. Good wedding insurance cover is a helping hand in relieving some of those shaky nerves before the big day.




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