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People are travelling more and more. With flights becoming cheaper by the month practically and countries becoming ever more accessible, people are making less and less of a fuss about travelling abroad. I remember a time when it was a big deal to travel out of the UK. Now people travel outside of Europe on a regular basis and it is nothing much to make a fuss about at all.


With all of these increases in ease and affordability of international travel, people may be tempted to get a little bit complacent about travel insurance. If you are leaving the country on a regular basis as a matter of course, you may not feel like there is much of a difference between being on a street in London or a street in New York, and indeed, you may have become thoroughly used to the idea of travelling back and forth, but there is one big difference between being in the UK and being outside of the UK. The NHS, that health care system that we all take for granted and love to complain about, disappears as soon as you step foot on foreign soil.

This is one thing you should not forget. Despite the ease and comfort with which you can switch countries and move around now, the huge safety net of free health care is not something that can travel with you. For this reason, it is vital that you have in place adequate travel insurance every time that you leave the country. Travel insurance becomes even more vital once you leave the European Union, as while you are within Europe, you will at least have access to local services on the same basis that local nationals have. Once you leave Europe however, hospitals will not hesitate for a second before charging you the full cost of your health care, and if you cannot afford it, they will simply turn you away.

It is incredibly easy to be involved in a simple car accident, or some other accident, and sustain some sort of injury while you are abroad. This applies just as much to a relaxing stay on a beach as to mountain trekking in Peru. The fact of the matter is that you never know what is going to happen. And sure enough, the one time that you don’t have travel insurance, is the time that something will happen.

There are people who have gone on holiday, had some sort of accident or injury, and only then realised that they did not have travel insurance. When these people have come home, they've had credit card bills of literally thousands of pounds as a result of the medical treatment they needed while abroad. And bad as that may sound, the situation would have been a lot worse if they didn’t have those credit cards on which to put all the bills on. You really are on your own in some countries when it comes to paying for and affording medical treatment, so make sure you have travel insurance and you will be able to enjoy your holiday with a lot more peace of mind.




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